About Us

Los Jovenes is a high end streetwear/luxury clothing brand based out of Montreal, Canada as well as New York, United States. The brand was initially founded in July, 2022.

Although the company was started in 2022, it wasn't until January 24 of 2024 that they had their debut and first release which was, notably named "Season One". They later followed that by the coming out with there second release "Season Two" which helped solidify the brand as a serious name in the clothing industry.

Los Jovenes currently holds two sections of clothing to their site. Elevated Basics, which are lower costing and claimed to be for casual everyday use. Collections, which release with limited stock and are extremely hard to purchase due to the high levels of demand for it.

Apart from being one of the fastest growing clothing companies in 2024, Los Jovenes has sold out in both and all of there season releases up to date, with an addition few releases referred to as

"Weekend Exclusives" bringing them even more success.

Prior to there first release, Los Jovenes announced on there media and website that all releases will only be available for 3-7 days and the stock will be limited, creating a major hype around the brand and company.

Los Jovenes has made it a point to embrace and boost there presence on instagram as the main source of marketing and promoting for the company. They also push their products through other media sources, such as; Snapchat, Facebook, Linkdin, YouTube and Tik tok.